Juan Irving Vasquez

Robotics and Computer Vision Researcher


Journal Papers

  • J. Irving Vasquez-Gomez, David Troncoso, Israel Becerra, Enrique Sucar, Rafael Murrieta, Next-best-view Regression for 3D Object Reconstruction using a 3D Convolutional Neural Network, Accepted to Machine Vision and Applications, 2020.
    Accepted version: rp_nbv_regression_mvaa_accepted
  • Mendoza, M., Vasquez-Gomez, J. I., Taud, H., Sucar, L. E., & Reta, C. Supervised Learning of the Next-Best-View for 3D Object Reconstruction. Pattern Recognition Letters. 2020.
    Accepted version: 2020_mendoza_prl_supervised_accepted
    arXiv preprint arXiv:1905.05833.
    The final authenticated version is available online at: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.patrec.2020.02.024
  • Vazquez-Carmona, Viridiana and Vasquez-Gomez, Juan Irving and Herrera-Lozada, Juan Carlos, Environmental Monitoring using Embedded Systems on UAVs, Accepted to IEEE Latin America Transactions, (2019), I.F. 0.804
    Accepted version: preprint_vazquez_environmental
  • Efren López-Jiménez, Juan Irving Vasquez-Gomez, Miguel Angel Sanchez-Acevedo, Juan Carlos Herrera-Lozada, Abril Valeria Uriarte-Arcia, Columnar Cactus Recognition in Aerial Images using a Deep Learning Approach. Ecological Informatics. 2019.
    Accepted version: rp_cactus_recognition_accepted
    The final authenticated version is available online at:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecoinf.2019.05.005
  • Juan Irving Vasquez-Gomez, Magdalena Marciano-Melchor, Luis Valentin, Juan Carlos Herrera-Lozada, Coverage Path Planning for 2D Convex Regions. Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems. 2019
    vg_coverage_journal_accepted This is a post-peer-review, pre-copyedit version of an article published in Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems.
    The final authenticated version is available online at:https://doi.org/10.1007/s10846-019-01024-y.
  • Olguin-Carbajal, M and Herrera-Lozada, J.C. and Sandoval-Gutierrez, J. and VasquezGomez J.I., and Serrano-Talamantes J.F. and Chavez-Estrada F.A. and Rivera-Zarate, I. and Hernandez-Bolanos, M., A Micro-DE Algorithm for Continuous Complex Functions, IEEE Access, (2019). DOI:10.1109/ACCESS.2019.2954296
  • Yervilla-Herrera, H., Vasquez-Gomez, J.I., Murrieta-Cid, R. et al. «Optimal motion planning and stopping test for 3-D object reconstruction«, Intel Serv Robotics (2018). https://doi.org/10.1007/s1137
  • Olguin Carbajal, M., Herrera-Lozada, J. C., Rivera-Zárate, I., Serrano-Talamantes, J. F., Cadena-Martínez, R., & Vásquez-Gómez, J. I. (2018). Minimum Addition Chains Generation Using Evolutionary Strategies. Computación y Sistemas22(4).
  • Vasquez-Gomez, J. Irving, et al. «Tree-based search of the next best view/state for three-dimensional object reconstruction.» International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems 15.1 (2018).
    (Open Access) https://doi.org/10.1177/1729881418754575
  • Vasquez-Gomez, J. Irving, L. Enrique Sucar, and Rafael Murrieta-Cid. «View/state planning for three-dimensional object reconstruction under uncertainty.» Autonomous Robots 41.1 (2017): 89-109 https://doi.org/10.1007/s10514-015-9531-3
    preprint: VaSuMu_AR17
  • Vasquez-Gomez, J. I., Sucar, L. E., Murrieta-Cid, R., \& Lopez-Damian, E. (2014).  Volumetric next-best-view planning for 3d object reconstruction with positioning error. International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, 11(10), 159. (Open Access)  https://doi.org/10.5772/58759

Conference Papers

  • Vasquez-Gomez, J.I., VPL: A view planning library for 3D object reconstruction. ICMEAE 2020. Cuernavaca, México.
    Preprint: vas_vpl_icmeae
  • Erick Rodríguez-Hernandez, J. I. Vasquez-Gomez, Flying through gates using a behavioral cloning approach. ICUAS 2019.
    Preprint: rodriguez_gates
  • Vasquez-Gomez, J. I., Herrera-Lozada, J. C., & Olguin-Carbajal, M. (2018, June). Coverage Path Planning for Surveying Disjoint Areas. In 2018 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS) (pp. 899-904). IEEE.
    Preprint: vasquez_cov_icuas_preprint
    The final version can be found at: DOI 10.1109/ICUAS.2018.8453386
  • Vasquez-Gomez, J. I., Herrera-Lozada, J. C., & Olguin-Carbajal, M. (2017, November). Spatial Resolution Optimization for Terrain Coverage with UAVs. In Mechatronics, Electronics and Automotive Engineering (ICMEAE), 2017 International Conference on (pp. 37-42). IEEE.
    preprint: 2017_vasquez_icmeae_spatial_pre
  • Vasquez-Gomez, J. I., Melchor, M. M., & Lozada, J. C. H. (2017, November). Optimal Coverage Path Planning Based on the Rotating Calipers Algorithm. In Mechatronics, Electronics and Automotive Engineering (ICMEAE), 2017 International Conference on (pp. 140-144). IEEE.
    preprint: 2017_vasquez_icmeae_optimal
  • Vasquez-Gomez, J. I., Gomez-Castañeda, C., De Cote, E. M., & Herrera-Lozada, J. C. (2016, November). Multirotor uav coverage planning under wind conditions. In Mechatronics, Electronics and Automotive Engineering (ICMEAE), 2016 International Conference on (pp. 32-37). IEEE.
    preprint: 2016_vasquez_icmeae_multirotor
  • Vasquez-Gomez, J. I., Sucar, L. E., & Murrieta-Cid, R. (2014, September). View planning for 3d object reconstruction with a mobile manipulator robot. In Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2014), 2014 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on (pp. 4227-4233). IEEE.  Presentation Extended_presentation
  • Vasquez-Gomez, J. I., Sucar, L. E., & Murrieta-Cid, R. (2013, May). Hierarchical ray tracing for fast volumetric next-best-view planning. In Computer and Robot Vision (CRV), 2013 International Conference on (pp. 181-187). IEEE.
  • Vásquez, J. I., & Sucar, L. E. (2011, November). Next-best-view planning for 3d object
    reconstruction under positioning error. In Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (pp. 429-442). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.
  • Vásquez-Gómez, J. I., Löpez-Damian, E., & Sucar, L. E. (2009, October). View planning for 3D object reconstruction. In Intelligent Robots and Systems, 2009. IROS 2009. IEEE/RSJ International Conference on (pp. 4015-4020). IEEE.




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