Juan Irving Vasquez

Robotics and Computer Vision Researcher


Collaboration is key for advancing the frontiers in science.


Robot Learning

Together with Erik Zamora (CIC), we run a seminar about the new developments that integrate robotics and machine learning.

VIGIA Seminar

At CIDETEC, with several coleagues we run the VIGIA seminar with focus on reviewing research about computer vision and terrain surveying with unmanned aerial vehicles.

Drones autónomos

The autonomous drone initiative is run in colaboration with the Asociación the Robótica de la UPIITA. In this seminar, we study and implement recent techniques for building autonomous drones.


View planning for 3D Reconstruction and Inspection

View planning is the task of computing the sensor pose so that an object of intereset will be complete scanned.

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In VIGIA, we want to develop new techniques for the autonomous surveying of protected natural areas. We mainly investigate computer vision techniques for the detection of flora and fauna.

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