Juan Irving Vasquez

Robotics and Computer Vision Researcher

View Planning Library

VPL (The acronym of view planning library) provides a platform to develop view planning algorithms and perform comparisons quickly. VPL is written in C++ and it is based on a set of well known libraries: octomap and pcl. VPL provides the data structures to represent the space, provides visibility algorithms, implements several view planning algorithms reported in the literature and provides flexibility to link with range sensor simulators and motion planning algorithms. VPL was developed byJ. Irving Vasquez-Gomez under New BSD licence.

VPL is composed of 2 core libraries: PartialModel and ViewPlanning. PartialModel stores the information about object that is being reconstructed and provides a set of functions to handle visibility for next best view calculation. ViewPlanning provides planning algorithms to achieve an automated reconstruction.



Scenarios for 3D object reconstruction.

This scenarios have been used for testing 3D object reconstruction algorithms.

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